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Within the world of electronics assembly, MicroCare products deliver the perfectly clean circuit boards at the lowest possible cost.

MicroCare's main focus is the SMT production line, with products most commonly used for stencil printers, reflow ovens, and ispection/rework areas.

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Popular Products
No Clean Flux Remover — VeriClean™

The industry's best no clean flux remover for removing residues from soldering fluxes and pastes. Microcare's best-selling flux remover for over a decade.

Available in:

  • Aerosol (10 oz)

  • Jumbo Aerosol (15 oz)

  • Cleaning Pen (1/2 oz.)

  • Minipail (1 Gallon)

  • Pail (5 Gallons)

  • Drum (55 gallons)

MultiTask Surface Cleaner – MultiClean™
  • Deflxuing Solvents

  • Contact Cleaners

  • Stencil Cleaners

  • Presaturated Wipes

  • Understencil Rolls

  • Cleaning Solvents

Mild stencil and surface cleaner, packaged in a unique, sturdy, re-useable plastic tub.  This cleaner is very effective on most all solder pastes and fluxes, plus fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease.

Available in:

  • Presaturated Wipe (100 wipes, Case of 12)

  • Presaturated Wipe Refill (100 wipes)

  • Mini-Cubitainer (1 Gallon)

  • Cubitainer (5 Gallon)

  • Drum (55 Gallon)

Samples Available

Samples Available

TriggerGrip™ Circuit Board Cleaning Station

the best way to use today’s new, high-performance PCB cleaning fluids. Each Kit contains everything you need to get started cleaning faster, better, safer and cheaper.

  • Convenient start kit- everything you need to get started c;eaning

  • Excellent Value- Generally saves about 35% over buying items individually

  • Engineered to deliver a better cleaning process

  • Cleans in seconds

  • Enhanced ESD-programs

Lint Free Wipes and Swabs

Lint free wipes and swabs from MicroCare are high purity, non-shredding wipes and cleaning products which are perfect for spot-cleaning PCBs, cleaning SMT stencils, wiping housings and cabinets, cleaning tools and test gear, and any other requirement.

Available in:

  • General Purpose Wipe- Premium & Electronics Grade

  • SMT Stencil Wipe- Premium, Electronics & Economy Grade

  • Static-Safe Wipe

  • Clean Room Wipe

  • and many more

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